Welcome to Nellis Management Company!


We are a family owned company that has been a Long John Silver’s franchisee since 1972. In 2001, we started the process of co-branding A&W restaurants into some of our existing Long John Silver’s restaurants.  We operate stores located in Iowa, Illinois and Arizona.

At our stores, we strive to provide you with the freshest food possible. It’s so important to us that you get hot, fresh food, that outside of our busy times, we don’t make the food until you order it. During the meal times, the longest we will hold our quality fish, chicken, shrimp and fries in a warming bin is 5 minutes. Many of our competitors have no problems holding their food for 20 minutes or even more, YUCK! 



We believe if we provide you with great food, served by friendly employees in a clean restaurant, you will have a great experience and come back to see us more often. Our way of doing things does slow us down a little compared to the “fast food” guys, but we hope that you find our food to be worth the wait.

Through our commitment to hot, fresh food, served by friendly employees in a clean setting we hope you will think we’re creating a better fish story at Long John Silver’s.

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